Your best bet for all things meetings! This innovative all-in-one business communication tool provides you the facility to host live video meetings, create powerpoint presentations, whiteboard demos, online courses, host podcasts. MeetZippy’s multi-purpose features are perfect for product demos, hosting great presentations at scale, qualifying leads and onboarding them with one-on-one meetings that can easily accelerate conversions. Get Free Trial Demo Video
Features Book more consultations, run smooth meetings, convert leads with this multi-purpose tool
Scheduling Controls
Schedule meetings Setup a schedule for future dates by sending invites with agenda details and blocking slots on the calendar. Or just set up meetings in meetzippy which are scheduled instantly.
RSVP Receive attendee confirmations on invites and review availability of participants for the proposed meeting schedule. Agreeing upon meeting times doesn’t get more intuitive than this.
Shareable Link Your meeting invite can be shared as a link easily. If set up as an open meeting room, anyone having a link can join. You can add the same to any web pages to attract more participants to the meeting.
Reminders Automatically send out reminders to attendees prior to start date or before the beginning of the call to ensure maximum attendance. Rope in invitees who might have forgotten the meeting time.
Booking Site Create your own custom booking URL where your customers can schedule meetzippy meetings with you. Perfect for managing your time and convenient for your users to have meetings with you.
Social Media With meetzippy, you can live stream your content straight to YouTube or Facebook. Social media platforms reward you by presenting your video to an even larger and targeted audience for free.
Presentation Controls
Video Conferencing Run smooth video conferences by adding up to 50 people to the meeting room. Perfect for large meetings. For meetings with more participants, check out our awesome platform hqwebinar.
Screen-Sharing Share your screen easily with everyone participating in your meeting. Conduct presentations, do online demos, show tutorials, watch progress and do a lot more with the screen sharing feature.
Live Chat Interacting with meeting participants not just by video and audio but also through text is a powerful engagement technique. Use the integrated chat feature to get real time feedback and queries.
Whiteboard Demos Live visuals create a lasting impact. Draw and explain your thoughts and ideas to your prospects and customers in the meeting using our in-built whiteboard feature to maximize understanding.
Record & Download Record your meetings or screen-share sessions which will be stored and available for replay later or can be easily downloaded as video files. Create evergreen webinars with these using everzippy.
Editor The built-in editor feature makes it super simple for you to capture and write snippets of code while discussing these in a meeting and then sharing it with everyone thereafter. Perfect for developers.
Moderator Controls
Delegate Control Most meetings will have multiple presenters in them. As a host, you can let your guests be presenters and easily switch between presenters to foster collaboration in the meeting.
Public & Private You can password protect your meetings and share that key with your invitee list to avoid any unwanted visitors or disruptions and run secure meetings so only the ones intended to participate will join.
Secure Meetings meetzippy uses a secure, 256-bit encryption technology. Not even our servers know the content of your meetings - only you do. Conduct meetings without compromising your meeting content.
Add Participants You can add or remove the participants from your meeting. This is a very useful feature when you have a lot of participants in a meeting and when these participants keep changing during the meeting.
Camera & Audio You can change the camera settings and color palettes displayed for all participants. Completely customize your audio settings to use your favorite microphone and speakers.
Knock Feature This feature allows participants of a meeting in progress to select who enters the meeting. The participant entering the meeting “knocks” and is then allowed into the meeting by its participants.

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