Instantly conduct video meetings and stay connected with anyone, anywhere Staying connected with customers, team members, partners and practically anyone is crucial for any business’ success. Having a powerful combination of both video and audio meetings is a must-have for engaging and productive conversations. meetzippy provides you with just that and takes it a step further with cool features like screen-sharing, chat messaging, sharing files and more. Instantly also use the integrated appointment booking system in a platform that can handle audio and video calls whether privately or grouping it publically. Get Free Trial Demo Video
For Businesses & Entrepreneurs As a business, you know that service delivery will get so much easier if you just take down client requirements over a video call, on recording which you can refer back to anytime. This will totally eliminate the need of incessant travels to client locations and increase your turn-around-time. Sales calls are so much more efficient using an online portal allowing the flexibility of time and place
For Education Institutions Smart classes and digital classrooms are the way for the future. With technology constantly evolving in the fast moving world, it is vital to keep in touch with the students wherever they are. You need to be flexible and provide the same classroom-like atmosphere to the students, with the whiteboards, video conferencing and the ability to connect with a lot of students, meetzippy surely serves the purpose.
For Developers & Designers As a developer or a designer, you know better than most that a spirit of creativity is created through awesome collaborations. You need to capture creativity at its best and several minds working together can surely dig out the most of it. Easily connect with your team and share ideas together. Conveniently make video calls, share screens and record the calls to avoid repetitive discussions for features and processes.

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We are a small product-focused team, who listens and learns from our users, we like to move fast and evolve with their feedback.
  • Schedule Setup instant or planned meetings online and accept RSVPs, share links, send reminders and run calls from any device. 01
  • Present Conduct presentations using slide decks, whiteboards, screen-share while being able to record and download your meetings. 02
  • Moderate Share control, multi-media files, lock meetings privately, personalize settings, interact with participants using the chat function and manage participants easily. 03
  • Devices Use meetzippy on any device and browser as it is cross-platform and cross-browser compatible. 04
  • Booking Site Meetzippy allows you to set up meetings with your own booking site and scheduling software. 05

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Discover how meetzippy can make meetings and management easier It’s awesome you got until here - and now we’d like to take it even further. And provide some more, awesome value. Join us on a webinar in which we explain in detail how meetzippy can make online meetings, managing businesses and cutomers easier. Watch an onscreen demo of the entire platform and experience the awesomeness for yourself. It’s absolutely free! Register for Webinar
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