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All In One Video Software Hosts Live Video Meetings, Create Courses

Podcasts, Host Masterminds in minutes under any niche! Masterminds in minutes under any niche!

  • 100% Newbie Friendly No need for registration,
  • One Click. No need to download software
  • No Fuss, No stress No Problems
  • Save Money. Everything Bundled in one Place
  • NO Huge Learning Curves

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Video Conferencing Made Easy
Meetings / Masterminds with 10/20 Presenters
SD/HD Recordings
Responsive Layout and New amazing Intuitive UI
PowerPoint Presentation Sharing
Better and Faster Whiteboard Sharing
Live Editor sharing
Better Intuitive Chat
Public Replay Pages
Protected Replay Pages
Monetize meetings through Protected Replay Pages
Create Courses for Udemy, Coursera and Teachable
MeetZippy Consultancy
Host A Podcast
Product Demos and Presentations
Hosts Switch Between Presenters
Create Live Summits
Host Coaching Sessions
One Click Entry
HD Audio Quality
Upload Recorded Videos on Any Social Media

But Don’t Take Our Word For It, Here’s What People Are Saying About MeetZippy...


  • Lisa Wright

    Lisa Wright

    The MeetZippy software is AMAZING!!! I really love the aspect. The ability to have clients make appointments is huge. I also love the individual replay pages which can be monetized
  • Salvador Portales 

    Salvador Portales 

    I already did my first Meetzippy test and it's Fabulous!
    It works perfectly for me!
  • McBrian Chisa

    Madhav Dutta, I’m going through the tutorials for MeetZippy. It looks to be a fantastic tool from the walk through video.
  • Isaac Ovid

    Isaac Ovid

    Awesome product. Keep up the great work Maddy.
  • Ruben Santiago

    Ruben Santiago

    Tested MeetZippy with three people and had NO issues. Doing a larger error meeting later today. Will report as soon as we finish. 
    Excellent job!!.
  • Richard Butler

    Richard Butler
  • Salvador Portales

    Salvador Portales
  • Jonathan Oshevire

    Jonathan Oshevire

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Video Marketers


Local businesses





Just Take A Look At Everything MeetZippy Can Do And Offer Your Business right now...

Video Conferencing Made Easy

MeetZippy enables you to make HD quality video calls at the touch of a button. Connect with up to 30 people wherever they are in the world.

Record HD Quality Videos for Courses and Tutorials

FASTER , EASIER & TOTALLY HANDS FREE New Online Meeting & Course Creator.

Design your entire online course on MeetZippy and have the recordings ready to be loaded on platforms like

Host Live Video Call On Your Blog Page

Host a live video right on your blog page. Let visitors engage with your meetings by commenting below the video, this encourages web visitor retention and is great for ranking your site on google.

Case study: Simply Interview an expert with high traffic blog and within you video share a screen showing where they need to go to get access to a free gift and see you list increase.

Host Masterminds on MeetZippy

Host Masterminds using MeetZippy and convert High Value Prospects into loyal paying customers.

Masterminds are a powerful medium to get High ticket prospects to pay attention to the value your providing.

MeetZippy Consultancy 1-1:

Invite Prospects to talk with just one click, introduce yourself, Provide immediate value, engage then close deal effectively.

PowerPoint Presentation just went HD!

Scared of being on video? MeetZippy enables you to share your screen and present your products and services through PowerPoint Live!

Create LIVE High-Quality Meetings That Sell Millions Of Products, Courses & Services!

Host A Podcast

of us population
has listened to a

of podcast listening is
done at home 22% of
listening is done
in the car

70% of the US population is familiar with the term “podcasting” – up from 64% in 2018 (Infinite Dial 19)

50% of all US homes are podcast fans (Nielsen, Aug 2017)

51% (144 million) of the US population has listened to a podcast – up from 44% in 2018 (Infinite Dial 19)

Create A Video Podcast And Get Traffic Like This On YouTube…

Were not
done yet…

Demo Sharing

MeetZippy enables you to collaborate with potential customers using our In-Built Whiteboard.

Draw and explain products and services to your prospects and customers while live in the meeting.

Whiteboard allows you to create live sessions to answer questions, describe diagrams live and share new features with customers and prospects.

Want More Traffic?
Publish Recorded
Videos on YouTube

YouTube is the best traffic source for videos. Record HD quality videos on MeetZippy then upload videos on YouTube for consistent traffic. Start an educational channel and drop a couple of videos on YouTube to bring consistent traffic back to your site

File Sharing Made Easy

MeetZippy makes file sharing so easy. Share a file with participants in the meeting while you talk about product and services

Hosts Switches
Presenters Easily

MeetZippy enables you to switch between presenters, as the host if you want to invite your guest to be a presenter it’s one click away. Get your host to share their presentations.

HD Quality Video software like MeetZippy will
replace day to day email and physical
Face to Face Meetings and all kinds of communication

Create Evergreen

Use MeetZippy to create ever green webinars, Post your webinars in targeted groups and run ads make money.

Create Live

MeetZippy enables you to create live summits where you can invite experts to teach on various topics and charge customers to view the live shows. Record your live summits and sell it for higher amount later.

Host Questions
and Answer Sessions

Close more deals by hosting questions and answer sessions. These sessions are known for converting prospects with objections. Pull prospects over the line by dealing with all issues raised.

One Click Entry

Hosts, presenters and audience can access a live video meeting on any device with a single click. No plugins or participant downloads required. Schedule and start meetings in seconds. Better User Experience Instant Meeting

HD Audio

Audio quality of the software is crystal clear on laptop, mobile and tablet. Absolutely no echoes.


Engage audience with robust interactive features including slide share, surveys, polling, Q&A and online chat


Increase brand awareness by adding customised touches to your event. Showcase your brand through customised emails, registration pages and more.

Get Unlimited REAL VISITORS, LEADS & CLIENTS on Auto mode With This Never Seen before Software

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MeetZippy?

Do you provide Training?

We have hundreds of customers using MeetZippy right now that are happy with our training. You will be provided step by step training guide. This software is easy to use even a five year uses it, however, you’re provided step by step training for you to get started.

Do I need to downlaod a software program to use this?

Absolutely Not. This is one of the easiest software to use on this planet and you can quote me on that. Once you login to that dashboard, you’ll find all you need to do in front of you including our award-winning training!

Do you provide support for this product?

Great question. We make sure that all our customers are taking care of. If you have any issue what so ever rest assured, we are here to help you. We take are products seriously and we want to make sure that your cared for. That is why we make sure our support is 100%

Why is the price so generous?

we believe that effective software that you can use daily doesn’t have to be expensive, we are experts are producing amazing technology